Facial Implants in Columbia & Jefferson City, MO

Dr. Andrews and his team are pleased to offer a variety of Implantech custom facial implants for correction of cosmetic deficiencies or congenital deformities.  Implantech facial implants are safe, biocompatible and can be inserted through a small intraoral or extraoral incision. 

These implants can be used to enhance cheek bones, the angle of the lower jaw, chin projection and temporal hollowing.Medical Modeling and 3-D Systems are used for fabrication of custom implants. This technology brings predictability and perfection to what was not achievable a few years ago.  Dr. Andrews has been placing Implantech implants for several years and began placing facial implants during his residency training in Dallas.  He has completed the course in Advanced Techniques Using Facial Implants-Masters Educational Series in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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