Meet Dr. Jared Atwood

Oral Surgeon in Columbia, MO

Dr. Jared Atwood - Oral Surgeon

Dr. Jared Atwood completed his residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Oklahoma.

He is from Lee’s Summit, Missouri and went to dental school at UMKC graduating near the top of his class.

For college, Jared attended Truman State University, where he was a 3-year Captain of the soccer team and earned recognition as an ESPN First Team Academic All-American.

Prior to dental school, Jared worked for the Kansas City Royals Baseball Organization and played professional soccer in Chicago.

Jared’s wife, Addie, is from Columbia, Missouri and they have one child.

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5 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews.

Patient Review

I have been a Surgical Nurse for 22 years, an RN for 37 years and worked in a local Hospital for over 40 years. EVERY TIME I get to work WITH Dr. Andrews or Dr. Atwood and his staff, it's a wonderful experience. That being stated, my son recently had to have some decayed teeth he needed removed and I could think of NO OTHER SURGEON(S) OR STAFF that I would want to handle this situation. They are THE PREMIER PRACTICE for this and other more difficult maxillofacial and oral surgeries. If you want the BEST CARE for you or your loved ones, this is who you go to. They are simply THE BEST!!

- Mark T

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Patient Review

Thank you Dr. Atwood and nurses!!! We appreciate everything you did for Brock. We appreciate the caring staff, everyone being so flexible, taking your time and doing the right thing, and just having a great team that goes above and beyond for your patients. I highly recommend Dr. Atwood and his staff!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!!

- Stefani R

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Patient Review

I waited two years after learning about the problems my impacted wisdom teeth were causing to have them removed, partly out of the anxiety of having the procedure done. The staff scheduled my appointment quickly and when I arrived, the wait time was basically nothing. They described the procedure to me before hand and answered any last minute questions I had before starting the iv sedation. After the procedure (as I'm told by my boyfriend who was driving me home) they explained aftercare instructions to both of us and made sure he was comfortable before sending us on our way. The next day, I was called just to make sure I was doing alright and had no questions or complications. I would recommend this procedure here to friends and family.

- Alyssa S

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Patient Review

Dr. Andrews truly does life changing work! He performed upper and lower reconstructive jaw surgery on my son over two years ago. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Andrews professionalism and the extreme care he shows his patients. Because of Dr. Andrews skill and knowledge, my son's life was transformed both physically and emotionally. We will always be grateful for Dr. Andrews!

- Lee K

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Patient Review

While I had minimal (lucid) interaction with him, Dr. Andrews was very calm and helped ease my nerves and was quick to answer all of my questions. I do wish that there was a follow-up appointment after surgery. I received a call asking how I was the day after surgery but no other follow-up has been made.

- Sarah P

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